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I was classically trained as a Geologist and earned my bachelor's degree in Structural Geology from Bates College in Maine. I worked as an instructor and geology specialist at Rocky Mountain National Park creating educational materials about the geologic history of the park. I returned to school at the University of Maine, Orono, and earned my master's degree in Glacial Geology and Paleoclimatology. This work involved heavy research and several trips to Antarctica and Greenland. 

I worked for the Minnesota Geological Survey for several years after graduating working as a surficial geologist. I researched, studied, and mapped the surficial and subsurface geology of central and northern counties. I wrote extensive write-ups about the geology of these regions and worked to update the educational content for the survey. 

During this time I also worked as a writing extern for EARTH magazine (now Nautilus) interviewing authors and summarizing their papers into a format palatable for a more general readership.

Science and Research

Research and fact-checking

With a background in science, I work diligently to dive into the meat of new projects. I find in-depth background research to be integral to any detailed story and like to make sure I, and my clients, have all the information we need to move forward. With strong claims, it is imperative to make sure the details are correct. I strive for authenticity and accuracy in all of my work. 


When it comes to writing on scientific topics, I like to find the balance between jargon and colloquialisms. I love to distill complex ideas into stories that appeal to a broader readership. Whether you need educational materials for K-12 or complex geologic reports written for drillers and surveyors, I can fill those blank pages.



I have spent years honing the essential skill of the interview. When you need to get to the meat of a concept, there is no better way than go directly to the source. The scientists behind the papers have spent years understanding the concepts, and for better or worse, sometimes they can only be explained on a call. I take care to make the interviewee feel comfortable while still working with them to boil down and offer deeper explanations to their research. 

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